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  • Louis Stephens posted an article
    Kicking Off a Year of Connection see more

    • Zach Bush, MD
    • Nathan Price, PhD
    • Jeffrey Geller, MD

    Following up on our 2022 year of growth, we are thrilled to announce our theme for 2023: connection.

    As a natural progression of our work from the last eight years, the concept of connection will be the focus of the live January 2023 Functional Forum. Throughout the year, we will continue to ask questions, like, "What does it mean to be connected?" and "How does connection enhance the practice of medicine?"

    Our first panelist will be Zach Bush, MD. He is a triple-certified board physician who has become a permanent voice in our space. Dr. Bush is well known for talking about the connection between individuals and environmental health. He is also a strong supporter of regenerative agriculture and soil health. From his perspective, human health depends upon our connections.

    We will also be joined by Nathan Price, PhD. For many years, Dr. Price was a professor with the Institute for Systems Biology. He speaks about interconnectedness and will talk about his interest in tracking chronic disease reversal. We look forward to having Dr. Price join the Functional Forum for the first time.

    Our third guest, who was also pivotal in developing the Community Cure, is Jeffrey Geller, MD. He has been delivering group care to the underserved for over twenty years and has become an expert in bringing patients together. He'll bring a strong interpersonal approach to this stellar panel.

    I hope you can watch live, and please take advantage of the time we have with our guests by submitting questions for them to answer using #functionalforum on Twitter.

    We look forward to connecting with you throughout 2023.

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    Emerging Priorities for Healing Stress see more

    •    Jade Teta, ND
    •    Russ Reiter, PhD
    •    Carrie Jones, ND
    •    Leon Schurgers, PhD

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the December Functional Forum, which was recorded at the October A4M symposium, Stress and Healing: New Advances in Restoring and Rebuilding the Resilience of Your Chronic Disease Patients.

    We captured some of the best content from the event, including exclusive interviews with the speakers.

    The Forum will begin with an interview and presentation excerpts from Dr. Jade Teta. He opened the conference with a powerful message about finding meaning and purpose in life and how that mindset shift is a catalyst for positive—and often necessary—lifestyle changes for patients.

    We will also share footage of Dr. Russ Reiter, featuring quick tips, an exclusive interview and a clinical presentation. Dr. Reiter is a world-renowned expert on melatonin with exceptional insights on the clinical benefits of the hormone, from immune to cardiovascular support.

    Finally, we will share an interview with Dr. Carrie Jones, a nationally recognized stress and hormone health expert, and then move to our concluding speaker, Dr. Leon Schurgers, who is a leading expert on vitamin K.

    If you enjoyed the Stress and Healing symposium or were unable to attend, this Forum offers a full spectrum of highlights, clinical tips and insightful perspectives to close out our year of growth.

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    Health Goes Viral see more

    •    Chris D'Adamo, PhD
    •    Lisa Koche, MD
    •    Kelly Brogan, MD
    •    Teresa Iribarren, MD

    Lisa Koche, MD Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our first live Forum in Miami since 2016! With its rapid growth, booming economy, strong health and health-tech focus, we are really excited to not only bring our live show back to Miami, but to relaunch the local Functional Forum practitioner community there.

    Joining us for this special event are four practitioners with unique backgrounds and perspectives. Dr. Kelly Brogan is a holist psychiatrist and author. She was our very first guest on the Functional Forum and will join us again in Miami to discuss her perspective on chronic disease reversal, based on her decade of experience helping patients get off psychiatric medication.

    Dr. Teresa Iribarren a board-certified specialist in internal medicine, assistant professor and expert in disease reversal using lifestyle modification.

    Dr. Chris D'Adamo is an epidemiologist with expertise in the synergistic effects of healthy lifestyle practices on human health and wellness. He is the Director for the Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine where he has led numerous interventional studies of nutrition, physical activity, stress management modalities, and other modifiable lifestyle factors. Dr. D'Adamo has also brought his expertise in the application of research methods to the field of functional medicine in serving as a senior research advisor to the Institute for Functional Medicine. Of further relevance, he emerged as an advisor to Governor Ron DeSantis as Florida implemented the most health-focused policy ever launched by a government entity, HealthierYou. While the rest of the world focused exclusively on vaccines and lockdowns, Dr. D'Adamo will share examples of how Florida exemplified a more comprehensive approach to public health in promoting lifestyle medicine and healthy supplementation as part of a more sustainable solution to the viral pandemic.

    Dr. Lisa Koche, is a leading functional and integrative physician from the Tampa region. Having run a successful integrative practice for more than a decade, Dr. Koche is also a sought-after speaker, and has presented on some serious stages, including that of Tony Robbins. She will share some of her pioneering work using a deep clinical toolkit to get to the root cause of complex chronic illness, her methodology and how she has uniquely combined not just modalities, but providers in a synergistic and effective way.

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    Food, Autoimmunity and Deprescription! see more

    •    Melody Hartzler, PharmD, BCACP, BC-ADM
    •    Elroy Vojdani, MD
    •    Vincent Pedre, MD
    •    Kirsty Washam, PharmD
    •    Dani Williamson, FNP

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our October 2022 Functional Forum. We will address several critical topics in healthcare and functional pharmacy.

    On the back end of the COVID-19 era, many practitioners are asking questions about how medicine needs to evolve to better handle the next crisis and how we can address what the pandemic left behind. Polypharmacy has been a major driver of negative health outcomes in America for some time, especially over the past few years.

    These topics and more will be explored at the October Forum, where we will share James’ favorite content captured during the September 24, 2022 Functional Pharmacy event. You’ll recognize several of our former guests, including Elroy Vojdani, MD; Vincent Pedre, MD; Kirsty Washam, PharmD; and Dani Williamson, FNP.

    Joining James live will be Melody Hartzler, PharmD, BCACP, BC-ADM, the founder of Functional Medicine CE, which provides continuing education for pharmacists. Melody joins the Forum to share her expertise on working within a clinical team as a pharmacist to reverse chronic illness and deprescribe, when appropriate.

    No matter what kind of provider you are, if you’re interested in helping patients avoid or recover from polypharmacy, this Forum will be worth the listen.

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    New Perspectives on Resilience see more

    •    Jade Teta, ND
    •    James LaValle, RPh, CCN

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our live September Functional Forum, featuring Jade Teta, ND and James LaValle, RPh, CCN. We will be exploring the theme of building resilience, especially for chronic disease patients.

    Our guests, who are speakers at the upcoming A4M conference, Stress and Healing: New Advances in Restoring and Rebuilding the Resilience of Your Chronic Disease Patients, will discuss this topic from their unique perspectives.

    Dr. Jade Teta is an expert in physiology, and his approach to health encompasses metabolism and hormones, fitness and self-development. Life coaching and behavior change psychology also inform his work.

    James LaValle, RPh, CCN is a thought leader in drug/nutrient depletion issues, an internationally recognized clinical pharmacist, author, board-certified clinical nutritionist, and expert and educator in integrative and precision health.  James is best known for his expertise in personalized integrative therapies uncovering the underlying metabolic issues that keep people from feeling healthy and vital.

    Our guests will provide novel and relevant insights that can aid any healthcare provider, given the increasing prevalence of immune-, autoinflammatory- and stress-related diseases.

     September 19, 2022
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    Deprescription and Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion see more


    •    Dani Williamson, FNP
    •    Kirsty Washam, PharmD, MBA

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to present the 103rd episode of the Functional Forum, which covers pharmacy topics, including deprescription and drug-induced nutrient depletion (DIND).

    Our two guests this month are health creation professionals Dani Williamson, FNP and Kirsty Washam, PharmD, MBA. They are passionate about deprescribing medications, and their contributions are integral to the future of medicine and chronic disease treatment.

    Dani Williamson is a functional medicine-trained nurse practitioner who has built a successful practice in Franklin, TN. Also known as The Fed-Up Pharmacist, Dr. Kirsty Washam has extensive experience working inside and outside large healthcare systems.

    Both women will also speak at the upcoming Functional Pharmacy Symposium, where they will explore DIND and drug-induced microbiome disruption (DIMD). These issues are pervasive because of the overuse of medications that disrupt the GI system and microbiome.

    We will present the August Functional Forum live so you can engage with our speakers. We invite you to ask them questions for the Q&A session on Twitter, using #FunctionalForum.


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    Fatigue and Lipid Replacement Therapy see more


    •    Garth Nicolson, PhD
    •    Michael Ash, BSc, DO, ND, RNT
    •    Rita Ellithorpe, MD

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the 102nd Functional Forum, which explores fatigue and Lipid Replacement Therapy (LRT).

    LRT repairs cell membranes to improve cellular health. It is rapidly becoming the standard of care for physicians within our community who treat fatigue-related illnesses. For example, phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylserine are frequently utilized to treat and repair damage from chronic illnesses and post-viral syndromes.

    The research on this topic is growing, thanks largely to academic leader and our guest on the 102nd Forum, Dr. Garth Nicolson. Dr. Nicholson has developed several papers with Dr. Michael Ash, who was a recent guest on the podcast and will also speak at the Forum. They are experts on cell membrane integrity, mitochondrial function and clinical applications for LRT.

    Also joining us will be Dr. Rita Ellithorpe, who brings extensive experience from a clinical perspective. Dr. Ellithorpe is well-published in peer-reviewed journals, and she is knowledgeable about nutritional therapies and treating viral-induced illnesses using a functional medicine approach.

    We will present the July Functional Forum live so that you can engage with our speakers. We invite you to ask them questions for the Q&A session on Twitter, using #FunctionalForum.

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    Advances in Clinical Functional Immunity! see more


    •    Tom Guilliams, PhD
    •    Jill Carnahan, MD
    •    Elroy Vojdani, MD

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to present its 101st Functional Forum, recorded live at the PLMI conference outside of Chicago on May 13-14, 2022. We’ve covered dozens of conferences over the years, but this event was particularly successful.

    The topic of the conference, “Advances in Clinical Functional Immunity,” was both timely and relevant. The event was well-attended (sold out, in fact), the atmosphere was positively energetic, the speakers gave dynamite presentations, and everyone remained fully engaged.

    This is a must-watch for clinicians treating biotoxin illnesses, like Lyme or mold, environmental toxins, autoimmunity, long COVID or related dysfunctional immune issues.

    The June 6th Functional Forum will revisit some of the best moments from the conference, including:

    • Dr. Tom Guilliams’ explanation of the importance of nutrition for a fully functional immune system
    • Dr. Jill Carnahan discussing exposomes and immunity, as well as how toxic load impacts disease and healing
    • Dr. Elroy Vojdani, a leader in functional immunity, sharing his robust knowledge of autoimmune and inflammatory processes
    • A panel discussion between all speakers
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    100th Episode: Accelerating The Evolution of Medicine see more


    •    Jeffrey Gladd, MD
    •    Shilpa P. Saxena, MD
    •    Angela LaSalle, MD

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to present the 100th episode of the Functional Forum. Our intention with this event is to celebrate all the ground we have taken in the first 100 episodes and showcase an inspiring future for our movement.

    This event will be streamed live from Indianapolis, in front of a live audience. The reason why we chose Indianapolis is because it is home to one of the fastest-growing Functional Forum Communities, a centerpiece of what the Functional Forum has created since its founding eight years ago.

    Kicking off the event will be Dr. Jeffrey Gladd, who is currently the Chief Medical Officer at Fullscript, one of our long-term sponsors. Dr Gladd's impact on the Functional Forum was significant. In the fourth episode, he shared his vision for the “integrative micropractice.” By following his model of a low-overhead, digitally enabled practice, we have supported thousands of doctors in making the shift to practice in this new way. And that has been the guiding vision since the early days of the Evolution of Medicine.

    Another key early influence on the Functional Forum was Dr. Shilpa Saxena, who has been one of the foremost advocates for functional medicine being delivered in groups. She created the Group Visit Tollkits and is one of the most popular lecturers on a wide variety of topics. Expect deep wisdom and clinical insight, with a strong dose of practical application.

    The final speaker brings both of those areas together and points to the future of the movement. Dr. Angela LaSalle took over the integrative medicine department at Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne, IN, from Dr. Jeff Gladd when he left in 2011. Over the last 10 years, she has built the department to seven providers. Her team is now looking toward a vision of establishing Parkview as a leader in scaling integrative medicine within health systems. She will discuss what she has learned and her vision for the future.

    The three speakers will be joined by the organizer of the local community, Toni Wolley, on the live panel.

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    Biotoxin Illness and Endotoxemia see more


    • Dr. Jeffrey Bland
    • Dr. Jill Carnahan
    • Dr. Jill Crista


    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce its 99th Functional Forum, on a topic that is very close to the hearts of many practitioners in our community. This Functional Forum serves as a preview for Dr. Bland's upcoming PLMI conference . Joining James live will be three leaders in biotoxin illness. First is Dr. Jeffrey Bland, who is the founder of the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute and known as the godfather of functional medicine. He will explain the state of the science on this area of interest. Joining him are two clinicians, both named Jill, who are well-respected in their protocols and methods for reversing this all-too-common issue.

    Dr. Jill Carnahan is a leading educator on mold and biotoxin illness and owns a practice in Boulder, CO. Joining her is naturopathic doctor Dr. Jill Crista, who is a leader in her field and regularly provides education to other clinicians on her mold protocols.

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    Biotoxins and Tick-Borne Illnesses see more

    • Sunjya Schweig, MD
    • Jacob Leone, ND
    • James Maskell

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to bring you the 98th episode of the Functional Forum. In this episode, we are featuring a topic that is relevant to many practitioners across the functional integrative medicine space who are seeing patients with tricky-to-diagnose symptoms that follow unique patterns.

    Joining us for this special event are two of the speakers from the upcoming PLMI conference in May. Dr. Sunjya Schweig is the founder of the California Center for Functional Medicine and brings more than a decade of experience in treating Lyme disease, biotoxin illness and complex chronic disease. He is joined by Dr. Jacob Leone, who also specializes in this area. They will be talking about innovation in herbal treatment and discuss managing care for complex, multifactorial patients.

    This is the first in a series of Forums that will share real-world solutions for dealing with chronic health issues, and explore what we can learn as we turn our attention toward other chronic symptoms from acute infections, like long COVID.

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    Uric Acid: A Window into Metabolic Dysfunction see more

    • David Perlmutter, MD
    • Kristine Burke, MD
    • James Maskell

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce a totally new topic for our February Functional Forum. Keynoting on this Forum will be Dr. David Perlmutter, the functional medicine movement's leading brain expert, who has lectured all over the world and written several books on the cross-section of metabolism and the brain. In a special interview, he shares some of the insight from his upcoming book, Drop Acid: The Surprising New Science of Uric Acid—The Key to Losing Weight, Controlling Blood Sugar and Achieving Extraordinary Health.

    Joining live on the Forum will be Dr. Kristine Burke, who is an experienced functional medicine doctor from Folsom, CA, who also happens to be James' doctor. Dr. Burke will discuss a case study related to uric acid, gout and metabolic dysfunction.

    We think this show will facilitate an important conversation in this year of growth, because we see the understanding of the connection between uric acid, metabolism and brain health as something that functional medicine doctors are well set up for, and it could be a big growth area for the movement in 2022 and beyond.

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    Microbiome 2.0: The Gut-Immune Interface see more

    • Dr. Elroy Vojdani
    • Dr. Tom Guilliams
    • Dr. Vincent Pedre

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our December Functional Forum in conjunction with the Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute. Back in October, we attended their conference held in Chicago that was curated by Dr. Jeffrey Bland, and we were grateful to be able to capture some of the best sections of the conference. Also, we got some footage of the attendees going deep into the gut and into the microbiome and its connection to the immune system.

    We have special interviews and content from three leading educators. First, Dr. Elroy Vojdani, who is an autoimmune specialist and the son of the godfather of functional immunology, Dr. Aristo Vojdani. Dr. Vojdani is at the cutting-edge of understanding the gut and the immune system, and his presentation focused on how the immune system ages and what we can do to rejuvenate immune function.

    The second speaker is Dr. Tom Guilliams, who has been on the Functional Forum before, and is one of the leading educators in functional medicine. He's well-known as a mythbuster and is always on the cutting-edge of the science. His talk was on the adaptability of the innate immune system and really showcases the important role the innate immune system plays in overall immune health. He shares some a really poignant and valuable content.

    Lastly, we have Dr. Vincent Pedre who is America's gut doctor. In his segment, he takes you through a specific patient case showcasing not only the diagnostics, but also the therapeutics that he uses to resolve the case.

    We'll also hear from some of the attendees, who come from a range of disciplines and practitioner journeys.

    Whatever designation of practitioner you are, we think you'll get a lot out of this conversation.

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    The Year of Growth see more

    • Dr. Mark Hyman
    • Dr. Robin Berzin
    • Dr. Ed Levitan
    • Dr. Wendie Trubow

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce its first Functional Forum of 2022. Over the next year, we'll be focusing on all aspects of growth: clinical growth as practitioners continue to hone their skills, practice growth as we support practitioners in building thriving practices, community growth, and personal growth, which is proving critical to long-term sustainable healing.

    To kick off the Functional Forum, we have three conversations from leaders in the functional medicine movement, all of whom are at the tip of the spear of the conversation around growth in the functional medicine movement.

    Our first interview is Dr. Mark Hyman, who needs no introduction. He's the 14-time bestselling author. He's the director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and has arguably done more to grow the functional medicine movement than anyone. We have a segment of his interview that kicked off our year of growth, where we talk about the growth of the functional medicine movement and some exciting opportunities for our practitioner community in the new year.

    Next is Dr. Robin Berzin. Dr. Berzin is the founder of the country's largest functional medicine practice, Parsley Health. Last year, we did a special webinar with Fullscript, where Dr. Berzin sits on the medical advisory board, and she talked about another aspect of growth that is relevant to all practitioners. You’ll hear all about it on the Forum.

    Lastly, we have a video interview with Dr. Ed Levitan and Dr. Wendie Trubow, a husband-and-wife team who, in 2015, built a 120-employee functional medicine center in Boston. They share their story of shifting their model to make it more sustainable and scalable, which has lessons for every practitioner, or health system, looking to scale functional medicine.

    We're really excited to kick off the year of growth!

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    November 2021 Functional Forum: The Environment of Medicine see more

    • Robyn O'Brien
    • David Tusek, MD
    • Jill Carnahan, MD
    • Christopher Shade, PhD

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to come back to its original live format in Boulder, Colorado on November 1st. We have partnered with the Boulder Louisville Functional Forum Community, which is hosted by Quicksilver Scientific for this event. Whether you're watching at home or whether you're watching in one of our Functional Forum Communities, you'll be able to Tweet questions to #functionalforum and James will be able to ask your questions to the panel.

    At this event, we're going to hear from three incredible speakers who are all operating at the interface of environment and healthcare.

    First, we will have Robyn O'Brien. She shot to fame in 2011 with her Ted Talk emerging as an activist, showing how the American food system was creating chronic illness in our children. This led her to an incredible career where she is now one of the founders of Replant Capital, putting significant capital and resources behind farmers looking to switch to regenerative farming methods. She'll be sharing a little bit about that journey on the Forum.

    Then, Dr. David Tusek, who earlier this year was featured on our New Models podcast series. He was one of the first doctors in the country to move to a direct primary care model. In this talk, he's going to discuss what it really means to heal patients and what the right environment is in which healing can occur. Calling all of us to a higher level of service for our patients.

    Lastly, we'll have Dr. Jill Carnahan, one of the best-known environmental medicine specialists in functional medicine. She's going to be sharing some specific protocols and best practices for dealing with common environmental issues that you're seeing in your patients every day.

    Joining the speakers on the panel will be Dr. Christopher Shade who is founder of Quicksilver Scientific and the host of the Boulder Functional Forum Community.