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  • Louis Stephens posted an article
    Reversing Cognitive Decline see more

    •    Kristine Burke, MD
    •    Heather Sandison, ND

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to present our July 2024 Functional Forum about one of the hottest topics in medicine: reversing cognitive decline.

    In the last month, Dr. Dean Ornish has announced his dementia reversal trial, which is the first randomized, controlled clinical trial to determine if intensive lifestyle changes may beneficially affect the progression of mild cognitive impairment or early dementia. On the Forum, we will learn more about this landmark study, as well as some other innovative work in the functional medicine community related to dementia.

    Joining live will be Dr. Kristine Burke, who is one of the six principal investigators of the Evanthea Dementia Reversal Trial, in which top functional medicine doctors are using multimodal approaches to reverse cognitive decline.

    We will also be hearing from Dr. Heather Sandison, who has been on the front lines of reversing cognitive decline. In addition to her residential memory care facility, Marama, she just launched a new book called Reversing Alzheimer’s: The New Toolkit to Improve Cognition and Protect Brain Health.

    And lastly, we will be diving into new laboratory tests that are available to detect cognitive decline and other related innovations.

    When you register and tune in to the livestream, you can expect a masterclass on the functional medicine approach to dementia. Please join us live!

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    IFM VagusFest see more

    •    Peter Staats, MD
    •    Stacy T. Sims, MSC, PhD

    The Evolution of Medicine is pleased to present this episode of the Functional Forum, which is a video compilation of content recorded at the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Annual International Conference and VagusFest, EvoMed’s IFM AIC pre-party event.

    IFM AIC 2024 was a definite success. More than 1,200 people were onsite, and another 500 were watching online making this one of the largest IFM events ever.

    James Maskell interviewed Peter Staats, MD, MBA, who gave a keynote address at the conference about the vagus nerve.

    James also sits down with Stacy T. Sims, MSC, PhD, world renowned exercise physiologist for women and nutrition scientist. Dr. Sims offers interesting tips for motivated patients to begin improving their functional abilities.

    If you watch this episode, you will also see almost a dozen conversations between James Maskell and conference and VagusFest attendees from around the world, including Sunjya K. Schweig, MD and James Carter, MD.

    Check out this episode for a VagusFest sneak peek, exciting conversations and content from the conference!

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    PLMI Functional Forum see more

    •    Deanna Minich, PhD
    •    Jade Teta, ND
    •    Peter Kozlowski, MD
    •    Carrie Jones, ND, MPH

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the May Functional Forum, with highlights from the recent PLMI conference, Endocrine Typing: Connecting the dots Between Toxin Load, Weight Loss Resistance and Hormonal Dysfunction.

    This topic is mission critical because we're in a metabolic crisis in this country, with a high percentage of adults and children showing metabolic dysfunction.

    In functional medicine terms, this is not a one-system phenomenon, and that's why this conference delved into hormones and toxins as critical pieces for understanding what's happening with a particular focus on GLP-1 medication, the hottest topic in health care now.

    We caught up with some of the thought leaders in space, as well as attendees.

    First, we have Dr. Carrie Jones, who's been a leader in online education for more than a decade, and was previously the chief medical officer at Rupa Health and DUTCH Test. She shared her insights on this topic as it relates to perimenopause, menopause and metabolic syndrome.

    Dr. Peter Kozlowski was a new educator on the scene and tied in the role of toxins in body composition.

    We also have insights from Dr. Deanna Minich, Dr. Elisa Song and Dr. Jade Teta.

    We hope you enjoy the show!

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    GLP-1 Agonists see more

    •    Tyna Moore, ND, DC
    •    Mimi Guarneri, MD

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce a special Functional Forum on one of the hottest topics in medicine today: GLP-1 agonists. Due to the growing metabolic health crisis worldwide, practitioners and patients alike are interested in the weight loss and metabolic health benefits of GLP-1 agonists like semaglutide, commonly known by the brand names Wegovy, Ozempic or Rybelsus.

    Now that millions of Americans have been prescribed a GLP-1 agonist, functional medicine practitioners may be wondering the following: Do these drugs synergize with functional medicine principles? Is this a healthy trend? How can these tools be used safely and effectively?

    We have invited an internationally recognized expert to speak on this topic, Mimi Guarneri, MD, an author, renowned cardiologist, and the founder and president of The Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine. Dr. Guarneri will also discuss semaglutide and obesity management at the upcoming PLMI conference.

    Joining her are a few special guests who are deeply involved in research on GLP-1 agonists, including their benefits and side effects, and they will discuss how functional medicine practitioners can work effectively to deal with the epidemic of chronic illness and metabolic disease.

    One of these special guests joining Dr. Guarneri is Tyna Moore, ND, DC. Dr. Moore builds on decades of experience in musculoskeletal and metabolic health, and she has delved deeply into GLP-1 agonists. Bring your questions and join us live as Dr. Guarneri and Dr. Moore cover these critical topics. You can also send us your questions on X/Twitter with #FunctionalForum.

     April 01, 2024
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    Endocrine Typing - 2024 PLMI Conference Preview see more

    •    Deanna Minich, PhD
    •    Jade Teta, ND

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to present its next Functional Forum, which will explore endocrine and metabolic health. We will share conversations with two speakers from the upcoming Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute (PLMI) conference, Endocrine Typing: Connecting the Dots Between Toxin Load, Weight Loss Resistance and Hormonal Dysfunction.

    Weight loss is a hot topic in American health care right now due to the obesity epidemic. For the first time in history, we also have pharmaceuticals, namely GLP-1 agonists, that are proving to be effective weight loss tools.

    From a lifestyle, functional or integrative medicine perspective, clinicians must help patients who take these medications prevent or mitigate side effects and succeed with long-term weight management when no longer taking GLP-1 agonists.

    For the best long-term patient outcomes, it is important to understand the biochemical or biophysical mechanisms that drive obesity. In this Functional Forum, we will focus on hormonal and environmental factors, such as toxins, that influence weight loss resistance and weight gain.

    Joining us are two thought leaders who will speak at the PLMI conference. Deanna Minich, PhD is a preeminent expert on nutrition, a much-loved international speaker and an author of six consumer wellness books and numerous scientific publications. She offers deep wisdom on toxins, obesogens and nutritional biochemistry.

    Jade Teta, ND is a leading educator who is well known for speaking about metabolic health. He has joined the Functional Forum before to share relevant and important insights with us. Dr. Teta is also an expert in human motivation and performance, which will be covered in detail during the March Functional Forum.

    Please join us as we explore the connection between toxins, metabolic disorders and the endocrine system. We will come to a deeper understanding of how cellular dysfunction leads to obesity and work toward a more structured approach to long-term management of a healthy weight.

     March 04, 2024
  • Louis Stephens posted an article
    10th Anniversary of the Functional Forum see more

    •    Michael Mabry, DO
    •    Rob Slattery, the CEO of SoFHA
    •    Patrick Hanaway, MD

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the upcoming Functional Forum marking its 10th anniversary.

    Our first Functional Forum took place in February 2014 at the Helen Mills Theater in Midtown Manhattan. The functional and integrative health movement had yet to grow to what it is today. Since then, much has changed: We have hosted the Functional Forum from several continents and facilitated hundreds of meetups. We are beyond grateful for the community's engagement, advocacy and support.

    The first ten years of the Functional Forum were focused on bringing together like-minded practitioners and making it easy for those practitioners to start their own practices to deliver integrative and functional medicine to their local communities.

    Our next ten years will be all about working toward systemic change. To kick off this next chapter, we are sharing content captured in Johnson City, Tennessee at an inaugural dinner for the East Tennessee Health Forum, a chapter of the Functional Forum, hosted by Michael Mabry, DO.

    Dr. Mabry was featured on an earlier podcast episode in 2023, where we learned how group medical visits combined with a capitation payment model enable his practice to provide integrative medicine services to a community that may otherwise be underserved.

    Integrative and functional medicine have historically been held back by financial limitations, such as not qualifying for insurance. Dr. Mabry’s practice has figured out a solution that is working for a town of 70,000.

    If you join us for this Functional Forum, you'll see interviews with Dr. Mabry and Rob Slattery, the CEO of SoFHA, the physician-owned and led health care group serving 150,000+ patients to which Dr. Mabry belongs.

    We will also hear from Patrick Hanaway, MD, who was central to the success of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. Dr. Hanaway will share insights gained from implementing functional medicine in a large academic center. In particular, he will speak to the cost savings of reversing chronic illness.

    We will showcase the data on how functional medicine practices that leverage group care can deliver significant value to the health system by addressing chronic disease reversal through patient education and support. You will see how collaboration and cooperation is allowing integrative medicine to flourish in rural Appalachia.

    This episode will bring together the most important themes we’ve explored in the Functional Forum over the last ten years.

     February 05, 2024
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    Kicking Off the Year of Unity see more

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the first Functional Forum of 2024 on the theme of unity. In this coming year, we will explore a broad range of how unity is expressed in medicine, including:

    • Treating patients, rather than isolated symptoms
    • Finding commonalities between vitalistic health care practices
    • Interdisciplinary collaboration between clinicians, patients and various medical disciplines
    • In-person communities and group care
    • Technology integration, including aggregating and organizing data
    • Collaboration and interconnectedness through education and training

    Our guest speaker will be Dr. Andrew Weil, who is a long-time advocate for integrative medicine. In his first-ever appearance on the Functional Forum, we’ll learn about his range of experiences that will directly apply to our mission at the Evolution of Medicine.

    He is the founder and leader of a fellowship program for integrative medicine through the University of Arizona. You'll hear his vision and predictions for the future of medicine and his opinions about psychedelic medicine.

    Our host, James Maskell, will also share his reflections on where we will find opportunities for unity consciousness in medicine.

     January 09, 2024
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    Mitochondria: The Great Orchestrator see more

    •    Andrew Heyman, MD
    •    Jarrod Spencer, PsyD
    •    Elroy Vojdani, MD

    The Evolution of Medicine is excited to announce the December Functional Forum, which was filmed in Park City, Utah at the October 2023 A4M conference, Mitochondria: The Conductor, The Powerhouse, The Key to Cellular Healing.

    Four years ago, we attended the same conference where it was made clear the degree to which mitochondria impact the cell danger response and chronic inflammatory conditions.

    Now that the science has evolved, we are doing a deeper dive into understanding how mitochondria orchestrate immune activity and a host of other functions.

    Starting us off is Dr. Andrew Heyman, who is the medical director of Integrative Medicine at The George Washington University and the director of Academic Affairs at A4M. At 17 years old, Dr. Heyman started his career in medicine with formal training in five-element shiatsu and traditional Chinese medicine. He has since trained in a long list of therapies.

    During his opening keynote at the conference, Dr. Heyman spoke of vitalism, which involves the connections between several areas of medicine, such as Chinese, Ayurvedic, naturopathic and chiropractic, where mitochondrial function can be measured.

    We will also feature Dr. Jarod Spencer, Dr. Elroy Vojdani and several other conference attendees who shared how they address the many manifestations of mitochondrial dysfunction.

    We are extremely excited to bring you this talk, which will be a clinical expression of our mission at the Evolution of Medicine to bring together like-minded clinicians.

    For the first time in history, we are seeing a convergence of cutting-edge medical science and vitalism, all pointing to a unified medical paradigm.

     December 04, 2023
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    Co-Creating Immunity see more

    •    Erik Lundquist, MD
    •    Kelly McCann, MD

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our November Functional Forum, Co-Creating Immunity. Please join our second-to-last Forum of 2023, the year of connection.

    We are intimately connected to our environment, and environmental toxins contribute to chronic illnesses. In particular, the link between environmental illness and immunity is an area where functional medicine is really coming into its own.

    We are excited to showcase local practitioners who are at the cutting edge of this topic. We will also hear from presenting community members who are innovating their clinical practices, business models and technology.

    • Our first guest speaker, Kelly McCann, MD, has been a leader in environmental medicine for over a decade. Dr. McCann was one of the first hosts of the Orange County Functional Forum in 2015-2016. Expect deep clinical insights from Dr. McCann as she shares her tips for building immune health.
    • Our second guest speaker will be Erik Lundquist, MD, who has an innovative business model and clinical approach. He will present on stress and the immune system and share methods for improving immune function in your patients.

    As always, this Functional Forum will be hosted by James Maskell. We will showcase how practitioners are helping patients build immunity through innovative in-person and virtual group care models. We will also highlight lessons from the field on how capitation and value-based care are creating the right incentives for functional medicine to flourish in many ways.


    Bonus: Watch Dr. Lundquist’s clinical case presentation on post-COVID patient treatments.

    COVID Long-Hauler Clinical Case Presentation

     November 06, 2023
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    Reimagining Pharmacy see more

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our October Functional Forum with content captured at the Functional Pharmacy Symposium on September 23 in Nashville, TN.

    In recent months on the Evolution of Medicine podcast, we have been sharing conversations that show how pharmacies and pharmacists are at the forefront of functional medicine delivery. Attending this event is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the community and learn from presentations by leading educators and thought leaders in the functional pharmacy space.

    The 8th Annual Functional Pharmacy Symposium is called Cardiometabolic Patient Care: Foundational Strategies and Emerging Concepts. Our Functional Forum speaker highlights from the symposium include the following:

    Easton Bryant, PharmD: He is an advocate for independent pharmacies and a social media powerhouse who has rapidly grown a seven-figure e-commerce business rooted in functional medicine principles and patient empowerment.

    Tom Guilliams, PhD: Longtime friend of the podcast, Dr. Guilliams will be speaking about cardiometabolic risk, understanding limitations of traditional risk guidelines, and how lifestyle and functional medicine can identify, prioritize, and treat risk factors.

    Mark Houston, MD, MS, FACP, ABAARM: Dr. Houston is an educator, clinician, author and researcher with extensive experience in cardiometabolic disease. He also founded the Hypertension Institute at Saint Thomas West Hospital in Nashville, TN.

    Lauren Castle, PharmD, MS, AFMC: Dr. Castle is a pharmacist with a Master of Science in human nutrition and functional medicine, and she is the founder of the Functional Medicine Pharmacists Alliance (FMPhA). She leverages social media to spread awareness about functional medicine, health and wellness.

     October 02, 2023
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    A One-Woman Evolution of Medicine see more

    Robin Berzin, MD

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our September 2023 Function Forum featuring a returning guest, Robin Berzin, MD, who is the founder and CEO of Parsley Health. Dr. Berzin was a keynote speaker on the second-ever Functional Forum and a keynote speaker for us at the kickoff of the first Evolution of Medicine summit in 2014.

    This show will follow an atypical format that only focuses on one practitioner, featuring a conversation between James and Dr. Berzin recounting their ten years of friendship and a chronicle of Dr. Berzin’s journey through developing Parsley Health. Here’s a preview of her journey:

    1. Dr. Berzin started Parsley Health in 2015 using a micropractice model and working off of a laptop at a coworking space in New York. Parsley Health began as a tech-enabled, low-overhead, membership-based practice, which also made Dr. Berzin a key successful example in James Maskell’s first book, The Evolution of Medicine.
    2. As you will hear, she was responsible for establishing Parsley Health’s first 300 patients as their physician, but as the practice grew, she hired more clinicians, opened three physical locations and even initiated further telehealth services.
    3. Now, Parsley Health is the largest functional medicine clinic in the world. They have locations in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and they offer telemedicine services across all 50 states. They have over 40 doctors and have treated tens of thousands of patients.
    4. You will hear how Parsley Health fared, both positively and negatively, during the pandemic, and how it has recently established relationships with both insurance companies and employers. Currently, they are in-network for 10 million insured Americans.

    What an incredible journey she’s had. There are so many lessons Dr. Berzin shares for practitioners and leaders at any stage of their organization development. We hope you can join us to learn from her inspiring and enlightening journey.

     September 11, 2023
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    Mitochondrial Mayhem see more

    •    Robert K. Naviaux, MD, PhD
    •    Andrew Heyman, MD, MHSA
    •    Ritchie Shoemaker, MD

    In 2019, we brought our cameras to an event in Dallas hosted by The George Washington University, where we learned about and captured presentations on the role of mitochondria in health and disease.

    This topic is rapidly evolving within the personalized and functional medicine communities.

    In October of this year, we will attend the A4M conference on mitochondria in Dallas to bring you updated research in presentations from new and returning speakers.

    The 2019 conference focused on mitochondria as the powerhouse of the cell. However, the latest research demonstrates mitochondria possess a much broader range of functions involving many bodily systems, including the immune system.

    In our August Functional Forum, we will share with you a presentation clip featuring Robert K. Naviaux, MD, PhD, one of the 2019 conference keynote speakers.

    Dr. Naviaux is internationally known for his expertise in human genetics, inborn errors of metabolism, metabolomics and mitochondrial diseases. At the University of California San Diego (UCSD), he runs the Robert Naviaux Laboratory, which researches mitochondrial dysfunction genetics. He is also the founder and co-director of the Mitochondrial and Metabolic Disease Center at UCSD, the co-founder and a former president of the Mitochondrial Medicine Society, and a founding associate editor of the journal Mitochondrion.

    In addition, we'll have special interviews with two other speakers: Andrew Heyman, MD and Ritchie Shoemaker, MD.

    Dr. Heyman is a pioneer, scientist, clinician and educator, and he is currently the Program Director of Integrative and Metabolic Medicine at The George Washington University and the Director of Academic Affairs for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M). He is triple board certified in family medicine, integrative medicine, and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Dr. Heyman is considered a world expert in biotoxin illness and chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS).

    Dr. Shoemaker is well-known for his work on infections and how they drive downstream inflammatory pathology. He has devoted his career to unveiling the complexities of CIRS, which can be caused by exposure to damp buildings, cyanobacterial blooms, dinoflagellates, spirochetes, apicomplexans and recluse spiders, among others. He began the first biotoxin illness practice in the United States in 2002 and has treated over 10,000 patients with CIRS and related illnesses. His research has led to the publication of 11 books, several book chapters and over forty peer-reviewed publications.

    Deepen your understanding of the role of mitochondria and catch up on the most exciting and universally relevant area within medicine.

     August 07, 2023
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    The Functional Forum Goes to London see more

    •    Robert Lustig, MD
    •    Victoria Maizes, MD
    •    Lara Salyer, DO

    The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to present the July 2023 Functional Forum, streaming on July 10.

    In 2016-2017, we shot five Functional Forum episodes at the Royal Society of Medicine, with Dr. Ranjan Chatterjee as the host.

    This time, we will bring you footage from two events in the UK: The Integrative & Personalised Medicine (IPM) Congress and the London Functional Forum relaunch event. Our coverage will feature video content of James Maskell as well as speakers at both events, including:

    Dr. Robert Lustig, UCSF Professor emeritus of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology. He is a leading educator focusing on the metabolic health pandemic.

    Dr. Victoria Maizes, who worked with her team at the Andrew Weil Center to create and implement some of the most innovative and effective integrative medicine educational programs, which are scaled to train thousands of health professionals collectively serving more than ten million people.

    Dr. Lara Salyer, one of the very first graduates of the Practice Accelerator (2017) who has since built a successful practice and now mentors other physicians on creating effective membership models and unlocking their creativity.

    We will also introduce our new London Functional Forum Community Host, Kirkland Newman, who is the founder and editor of MindHealth360.

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    AIC 2023 Wrap-Up see more

    Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to be heading back to the Institute for Functional Medicine's (IFM) Annual International Conference (AIC). After the event, the Functional Forum will highlight keynote speakers and conversations with practitioners and community members from around the world.

    Since 2015, Evolution of Medicine has brought our cameras to IFM’s AIC, capturing the energy and spirit of the meeting and documenting the major presentation themes.

    The content focus has varied over the years: In 2015, we learned about genetics; in 2016, the focus was on lifestyle; in 2017, we discussed brain health; 2018 was dedicated to autoimmunity; and in 2019, the talks connected the entire functional medicine community.

    After three years of meeting virtually with IFM, we are happy to be getting together again in person.

    We look forward to reconnecting with our community members as we continue to collectively grow the functional medicine ecosystem.

    Check out our coverage of previous IFM AICs:


  • Louis Stephens posted an article
    PLMI Wrap: Cardiometabolic Function see more

    •    Austin Perlmutter, MD
    •    Elizabeth Boham, MD, MS, RD
    •    Shilpa P. Saxena, MD

    For the Functional Forum this month, we are thrilled to share with you content captured from the sold-out Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute (PLMI) conference, Cardiometabolic Function: The Intersection Among Neurology, Endocrinology, and Immunology.

    Each year, PLMI brings together leaders within lifestyle medicine to provide in-person opportunities for connection and education. Since this event has sold out quickly for the past couple of years, we are excited to be able to share our favorite segments on video, including recorded lectures and exclusive, one-on-one interviews.

    You’ll recognize many faculty members' names from past Functional Forums and the podcast. Presenters include Shilpa P. Saxena, MD; Elizabeth Boham, MD, MS, RD; Michael Twyman, MD; Nathan Bryan, PhD; Thomas G. Guilliams, PhD; Cheng Ruan, MD; Regina S. Druz, MD, MBA, MS, FACC; Jeffrey Bland, PhD; Austin Perlmutter, MD; and David Perlmutter, MD, FACN.

    This event has an exciting lineup, with presentations covering uric acid, dysautonomia, nitric oxide, technological innovations, and the connections between metabolic health, dementia, and depression—plus many other cardiometabolic topics.