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September 2021 Functional Forum: The Reinvention of Mental Health: Addiction

September 2021 Functional Forum: The Reinvention of Mental Health: Addiction


  • Dr. Amy de la Garza
  • Dr. Paul Thomas
  • Dr. Aimie Apigian


Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the third in its series on the Reinvention of Mental Health. On the first show we looked at the foundation for this reinvention—the understanding of the gut-brain axis and a whole-person approach. On the second show, we focused on depression and the power of salutogenesis, and discussed new tools to solve the underlying causes of depression. In this third installment of the series, we're going to focus on a critical topic: addiction. Even before the pandemic, levels of substance abuse with medications like opiates were higher than ever and led to the first decrease in our life expectancy in more than a half-century. This has been accelerated by the pandemic, which has resulted in worse health outcomes and decimated support structures that kept people out of the medical system. 

Joining James live will be Dr. Amy de la Garza, who's a family medicine physician in Salt Lake City, UT. In her functional medicine practice, Dr. de la Garza focuses on addiction medicine and works in some of the most innovative addiction clinics. She'll be sharing about her model and how she feels functional medicine can fit into future medicine.

We will also have interviews with two leaders in addiction medicine. First, Dr. Aimie Apigian, who not only has a practice delivering this reinvention of addiction medicine, but also has created public education systems and summits on the future of addiction medicine. We'll also have an interview with Dr. Paul Thomas, who has written a book on addiction and has many successful, has a strong focus in his practice on addiction as well as running, until his license was suspended last year, an extremely successful pediatric practice in Portland, OR, with some of the lowest levels of chronic pediatric illness in the country.

This will be a great episode and couldn't be timelier. Join us on September the 13th at 8pm EDT.

 September 13, 2021