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October 2023 Functional Forum: Reimagining Pharmacy

October 2023 Functional Forum: Reimagining Pharmacy

The Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce our October Functional Forum with content captured at the Functional Pharmacy Symposium on September 23 in Nashville, TN.

In recent months on the Evolution of Medicine podcast, we have been sharing conversations that show how pharmacies and pharmacists are at the forefront of functional medicine delivery. Attending this event is a fantastic opportunity to connect with the community and learn from presentations by leading educators and thought leaders in the functional pharmacy space.

The 8th Annual Functional Pharmacy Symposium is called Cardiometabolic Patient Care: Foundational Strategies and Emerging Concepts. Our Functional Forum speaker highlights from the symposium include the following:

Easton Bryant, PharmD: He is an advocate for independent pharmacies and a social media powerhouse who has rapidly grown a seven-figure e-commerce business rooted in functional medicine principles and patient empowerment.

Tom Guilliams, PhD: Longtime friend of the podcast, Dr. Guilliams will be speaking about cardiometabolic risk, understanding limitations of traditional risk guidelines, and how lifestyle and functional medicine can identify, prioritize, and treat risk factors.

Mark Houston, MD, MS, FACP, ABAARM: Dr. Houston is an educator, clinician, author and researcher with extensive experience in cardiometabolic disease. He also founded the Hypertension Institute at Saint Thomas West Hospital in Nashville, TN.

Lauren Castle, PharmD, MS, AFMC: Dr. Castle is a pharmacist with a Master of Science in human nutrition and functional medicine, and she is the founder of the Functional Medicine Pharmacists Alliance (FMPhA). She leverages social media to spread awareness about functional medicine, health and wellness.

 October 02, 2023