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January 2023 Forum: Kicking Off a Year of Connection

January 2023 Forum: Kicking Off a Year of Connection

  • Zach Bush, MD
  • Nathan Price, PhD
  • Jeffrey Geller, MD

Following up on our 2022 year of growth, we are thrilled to announce our theme for 2023: connection.

As a natural progression of our work from the last eight years, the concept of connection will be the focus of the live January 2023 Functional Forum. Throughout the year, we will continue to ask questions, like, "What does it mean to be connected?" and "How does connection enhance the practice of medicine?"

Our first panelist will be Zach Bush, MD. He is a triple-certified board physician who has become a permanent voice in our space. Dr. Bush is well known for talking about the connection between individuals and environmental health. He is also a strong supporter of regenerative agriculture and soil health. From his perspective, human health depends upon our connections.

We will also be joined by Nathan Price, PhD. For many years, Dr. Price was a professor with the Institute for Systems Biology. He speaks about interconnectedness and will talk about his interest in tracking chronic disease reversal. We look forward to having Dr. Price join the Functional Forum for the first time.

Our third guest, who was also pivotal in developing the Community Cure, is Jeffrey Geller, MD. He has been delivering group care to the underserved for over twenty years and has become an expert in bringing patients together. He'll bring a strong interpersonal approach to this stellar panel.

I hope you can watch live, and please take advantage of the time we have with our guests by submitting questions for them to answer using #functionalforum on Twitter.

We look forward to connecting with you throughout 2023.

 January 09, 2023