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December 2022 Functional Forum: Emerging Priorities for Healing Stress

December 2022 Functional Forum: Emerging Priorities for Healing Stress

  •    Jade Teta, ND
  •    Russ Reiter, PhD
  •    Carrie Jones, ND
  •    Leon Schurgers, PhD

Evolution of Medicine is thrilled to announce the December Functional Forum, which was recorded at the October A4M symposium, Stress and Healing: New Advances in Restoring and Rebuilding the Resilience of Your Chronic Disease Patients.

We captured some of the best content from the event, including exclusive interviews with the speakers.

The Forum will begin with an interview and presentation excerpts from Dr. Jade Teta. He opened the conference with a powerful message about finding meaning and purpose in life and how that mindset shift is a catalyst for positive—and often necessary—lifestyle changes for patients.

We will also share footage of Dr. Russ Reiter, featuring quick tips, an exclusive interview and a clinical presentation. Dr. Reiter is a world-renowned expert on melatonin with exceptional insights on the clinical benefits of the hormone, from immune to cardiovascular support.

Finally, we will share an interview with Dr. Carrie Jones, a nationally recognized stress and hormone health expert, and then move to our concluding speaker, Dr. Leon Schurgers, who is a leading expert on vitamin K.

If you enjoyed the Stress and Healing symposium or were unable to attend, this Forum offers a full spectrum of highlights, clinical tips and insightful perspectives to close out our year of growth.

 December 05, 2022